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Learn Faster

MyFitbot provides all the knowledge you need to learn in order to achieve your goals.Leave aside the complex stuff,learn the essentials and crush it, while you enjoy life.All of these by just talking to your Messenger Fitness Companion.


Track your Progress

MyFitbot is always there tracking your goals, monitoring your progress and commentate on your results.Ever you like to choose another goal or make a change,your fitness will be there to help you out.All these in an instant and just in your ordinary Messenger application.

Achieve your Goals

MyFitbot will help you reach your goals,while building your fitness and nutritional knowledge.Once you have achieved what you were striving for, you will have an insane amount of knowledge that will make your life way easier.All of these with miminal effort. 





Easy interaction with Messenger

Real Time Messaging

Interact live with MyFitbot, just simple as texting a friend.

Share your Results

Share your results with others on social media, show them how you crushed it.

Real Time Shop

Access our online shop and choose what you want, as simply as texting a friend.

Find a Gym

Locate nearby gyms in your area and choose the best one.